Midnights pack, SLC x L+P


Feel the lavender haze creeping in with the SLC x L+P Midnights pack. This collection is perfect for reminiscing about late night escapades, whether you were sleepless from anxiety or from adventure. Let these magnets, ornaments, prints inspire you to turn life's insecurities and regrets into strength and courage. Don't lose sleep on missing out, grab your pack today!

Lavender Haze Print
Size: 8"x10"
Two colour screen print
Paper: 100# natural cover stock

Karma Cat and Dominoes Magnets
Wooden 1/8" birch wood lasercut pieces with 1-2 round silver magnetic backings adhered to back (magnets measure 8mm-12mm). Wooden piece measures between 1.5"-3" x 1.5"-3".

Sunshine and Midnight Rain Ornaments
Lasercut from 1/8" birch wood, measures between 1.5"-3" x 1.5"-3".

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Due to the nature of the handmade process, products may vary slightly in colour and have small imperfections. These variations are what make each individual object unique.

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